Nuna Aace is popular model of the high-booster car seat since 2016, it’s combination of high-back and no-back booster seat. I can say that almost nothing changed for these years, only some colors. But as for me it’s one of the best well-made booster car seat. You can use it rather long time, it’s for kids with the weight from 40 up to 120 lbs and height from 38” till 60”. What I like in Nuna Aace is that you can use it as high-booster seat and then transform into usual booster seat. But I wouldn’t recommend to hurry with a backless booster seat, because back gives you an extra safety and protection.

Nuna Aace high-booster seat

  • Significant upgrades in 2019 models:

  • new colors

Let’s see the features:

  • Installation and safety

Nuna Aace has rigid LATCH connections. You need to release the rigid LATCH, under the seat there is lever you should squeeze it, pull out on the bar and spin it around. So then, to attache the anchors, you just need to line up your LATCH rigid system with lower anchors, and then just give it a push. You need to push until the light turns green on indictors and that tells you it’s safety installed.

If you want to install backless boster, you need first to take off the back. You can do it for  second, just push the back down and it’s going to un-clip off. Super easy. And then you do the same as with the back.

Nuna Aace has some unique safety features.

Nuna Aace high-booster seat

One of them is side impact protection pods, so they are going to pop out on the both sides and absorb energy in car accident. So when it hits SIP, it’s actually going to absorb that energy before getting to the seat. Another one is LATCH system, it gives stability to the seat when your child is out of the car, its prevent the booster seat from becoming a projectile in a crash.

Nuna Aace received “good” at the child car seat test -6/2018 ADAC. There are only 2 cons that was mentioned in test: Sitting position is not optimal and Seat takes up quite a lot of space.

  • Seat

The Nuna Aace booster seat has 3D growth system that actually growths with your child.

Nuna Aace high-booster seat

Nuna Aace high-booster seat

It means that this seat growing three ways,  first way is vertically – the headrest goes up and down ( 10 position height adjustable headrest), then it’s going to start growing horizontally, so the growing wings are growing out to give the shoulders a litlle bit more space. And then the third way is down the seat – it also going to grow out a little bit as the kid gets bigger.

Nuna Aace high-booster seat

If you need to recline the seat you just need pull the same lever that you relesed the LATCH with and adjust it accordingly. There are 8 position recline in high back mode.

The important thing is to make sure that the headrest is at the right position for your child. You need to adjust the headrest so that the red belt path is right at or within an inch above the child’s shoulder. You can buckle your child in very easy and fast, because Nuna Aace has red indicators on the belt path. Don’t forget to lock the seat belt into position, you do that by pulling out all the webbing in your car seat and then feed it back in. So your child can’t be moving around while in the car.

The Nuna Aace is made from polyester, unfo, they didn’t update the fabric as in Nuna Pipa and Nuna Rava, I hope they do it next year. Anywhere on the seat that touches the child is flame-retardant free. You can wash the seat in water under 30°C. I’d like to give some advice, when George was potty trained we didn’t want to have dirty car seat and we covered it with dispossal underpads matress, really great stuff, no bad mood for mommy and no wasting time for washing.

  • Accessories

Nuna Aace comes with some accessories.

Nuna Aace high-booster seat

You will have a cup holder, you can insert on either side depending on which side your door is on. It’s great and usefull, you will not worry that you child can spill some water or juice in the car and also you will not be distracted from driving the car in order to pick up the bottle and give it to the child.

Nuna Aace high-booster seat

It also comes with the LATCH guides. This is very usefull when the fabric on your seat is close to the LATCH guides and you cannot see them. So you insert the LATCH guides and you hook them on to those anchor, and that just exposes the anchors to make it easier for instalation.

  • Specifications:

  • Dimensions (highest position – HBB): 33 H x 22.5 W x 15 L
  • Dimensions (lowest position – HBB): 26 H x 21.5 W x 15 L
  • Product weight: 15.6 lbs
  • High Back Booster:
    • Recommended child weight: 40-110 lbs
    • Recommended child height: 38-60 in
    • Suggested age: 4 years and up

    No Back Booster:

    • Recommended child weight: 50-120 lbs
    • Recommended child height: 38-60 in
    • Suggested age: 5 years and up
  • Colors

The Nuna AACE 2019 is available in 3 colors: aspen (dark blue), frost (light gray), charcoal (black-and-grey), caviar (black).

Nuna Aace

  •  Conclusion

You can purchase Nuna Aace for $199.95, it’s average price for high-back booster car seat. There are some pros I really like. This seat is safety, looks very stylish, LATCH gives stability, headrest is adjustable and you can recline it. Nuna Aace has cupholder and LATCH guides. There is some cons- it’s my opinion only. I think that armrests should be higher, and I hope that Nuna will update fabric for bamboo/polyester. I hope our review will be usefull for you and will help to make the right choice.