travelsystem stroller

Travel System

Travel Sistem is called a stroller with the ability to install a child car seat for safe and comfortable travel with the baby. Such a system is useful for parents who often have to travel with a child in a car. It includes a universal lightweight frame on which you can install various blocks: a carrycot, a walking module and a car seat. Having such a construction in their arsenal, parents can easily optimize it for immediate needs. The advantageous difference between Travel System and a simple car seat is that upon arrival at the place, the car seat with the child (even asleep) can be easily put on the wheels and then not carried in hand.

Types of “Travel Systems”.

Depending on the model, wstrollers can initially be supplied in an extended configuration, including all the necessary blocks, or have a universal frame on which you can install the appropriate modules, purchased separately.

  • Strollers “3 in 1” .Parents who, before the birth of the baby are confident that the baby will be frequent autotravel, it is most advantageous to buy a stroller of this category. A universal frame, a carrycot module, a walking block and a car seat are immediately supplied with the delivery of such models. Obviously, the main advantage of such a system is that all its units are a priori compatible with the frame: no additional adapters are required, and the installation of each module is easy and simple, with just one hand. For many, the aesthetic aspect is also important: all the blocks of this set are made in one color and style, ideally combined with the frame, wheels and additional accessories – bags, umbrellas, capes.
  • Travel System “Separately” .However, it often happens that the stroller has already been purchased, but it becomes necessary to use its frame as a chassis for the car seat. Or vice versa, there is a car seat, and it took parents to roll the child in it, as in a wheelchair. Fortunately, in most cases the problem is solvable: today you can buy special adapters for many popular strollers, with the help of which a compatible car seat is easily installed on the chassis. Or, in addition to the car seat, you can purchase a separate stroller frame, and then, if necessary, a walking block to it. Most modern models allow similar variation, which greatly simplifies the lives of parents and their relationship with children’s transport. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to select the chassis and car seat of one manufacturer – you just need to study information about compatible models and brands. For example, with the help of appropriate adapters, Maxi-Cosi car seats can be installed on Bugaboo, Phil and Teds, Stokke, Emmaljunga and others strollers, Cybex car seats on Bugaboo, Bloom Zen, Mountain Buggy, etc. frames, Peg-Perego car seats – on the chassis Stokke, UPPAbaby, Kiddy, car seats BeSafe – on Babyzen, Stokke, Mima and so on.

Advantages of the “Travel System”:

1. Comfort for the baby: the baby does not need to be awakened by shifting from the car seat to the stroller and vice versa.

2. Practicality and cost-effectiveness: when purchasing one frame and modules for it, parents receive two or even three different strollers at once.

3. Saving space in the trunk: to carry with you do not need a massive stroller, a carrycot or a walking module with a seat, a hood and a cover on the legs, but only one compactly folded frame.

What you need to remember when choosing a stroller “3 in 1”:

  •  It is very important to consider not only the convenience of the whole structure, but also the degree of safety of the car seat. If its reliability is in doubt, it is better to abandon the model in favor of a separate, but proven car seat and an additional chassis for it.
  •  The car seat in the system must be equipped with a three-or five-point harness seat with pad-pads, as well as a soft headrest – all these parts are designed for the convenience and safety of the child.
  •  When choosing a travel system, it is necessary to evaluate not only the blocks and the ease of their installation, but also the characteristics of the frame. Depending on the needs and method of operation, different families may need completely different option. For example, passable model with large wheels for long walks but less compact when folded, or  vice versa, a small and maneuverable stroller for air travel.
  • Despite the fact that such multifunctional models themselves embody the idea of economy and practicality, it’s not worth going to extremes. The more complex the model-transformer, the harder must be confidence in its reliability, and therefore it is worth paying attention to the products of proven manufacturers.

In general, the Travel System is simply indispensable for moms and dads who spending a lot of time in car. If the baby is regularly transported by car, having a light and compact chassis on hand, in combination with which the car seat will become a full-fledged stroller, is very convenient. Now you don’t need to leave your baby on grandmothers and nannies to get somewhere – you can comfortably and safely travel with the whole family, to the delight of parents who are not experiencing difficulties with children’s transport, and with comfort for the baby.