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Full-Size Stroller

The full-size strollers are designed for use for a long time and are suitable for babies from birth. They are the perfect combination of price and quality. It is a combining a stroller – a carrycot and a stroller. But, unlike the modular stroller, the carrycot and the walk are not separate blocks, and the recumbent seat is transformed into a sitting one. There are two options: parts of the carrycot can be removed, or retracted inside.

The full-size strollers are confidently leading, as they are equipped to the maximum. So, in addition to the standard options inherent in other types of strollers, it should be noted the handle with adjustable for different growth and the ability to move from one side of the stroller to another. This allows you to change the position of the child, depending on the direction of the wind, to control the baby during sleep and give him more visibility while waking. The body of the carrycot at the transformer opens for ventilation.

One of the additional amenities is a carrycot, which is included in the package in many models. Such strollers easily fold in half, take up little space when folded and can be carried in the trunk of a car. By the type of wheelbase, they are different. There are both four-and three-wheeled models, the wheels are made of different materials (may be plastic, with rubber tires or completely made of molded rubber) and differ in diameter.

The angle of inclination of the seat back in such strollers has several positions and varies from completely horizontal to vertical. The seat of the stroller can be installed both face and back in the direction of travel. This is achieved, depending on the model of the stroller, either by moving the seat or by using the flip handle. And when the baby grows up, use the walking option, face in the direction of travel. Curious kids will be interested to know the perspective of the surrounding space during movement. In addition, this situation helps to avoid motion sickness. Removable parts, insulation, a large canopy, a cape on the legs, an additional insulated envelope makes the transformer all-season in use. The transformer with large pneumatic wheels becomes an SUV. Five-point harness, several positions of the backrest, adjustable footboard make the walking option comfortable and safe for the baby. A flip handle allows you to quickly change the position of the baby, covering him from the sun and wind.

The main drawback of full-size strollers is their bulkiness, which is especially noticeable in the walking version (since it does not change its dimensions when replacing the body with the walking chassis). It is difficult to overcome the stairs and narrow doorways, including in small elevators (especially for three-wheeled models). As a result, strollers are not suitable for public transport. When folded, they are also not compact enough to easily pick up the wheelchair with one hand, the child with the other, and quietly climb into a bus. But they can be transported in the car. Even if the trunk of your car is small and the folded stroller does not fit in it, the body can always be detached and placed on the seat.

Another feature of the “full-size” is that while one part is used as a stroller, the other must rest peacefully somewhere in the closet. In other words, additional storage space is required for the second part, which can be a disadvantage for residents of small apartments. On the other hand, there is a peculiar plus in this. Having installed the walking block on a carriage, you can use the vacated carrycot for a long time as a rocking bed, for example, at home or at the cottage.

As a conclusion, it can be said that full-size models are among the most popular because they give parents the opportunity to get everything at once, and with maximum reliability, protection and comfort for the baby.

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