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Lightweight/Umbrella Stroller

The umbrella stroller is a type of children’s transport, the distinguishing features of which are compactness, low weight, maneuverability and ease of use. Theis stroller does not constrain the movements of the child during the walk, does not cause discomfort during storage and is suitable for daily use.

A wide range of strollers presented by manufacturers of products for children, allows parents to choose transport in accordance with their preferences. On the other hand, such a variety complicates the selection process. There are 4 types of an umbrella strollers:

  • The umbrella stroller with a horizontal position of the back is designed for children from 6 months to 3 years, some manufacturers recommend such strollers even for newborns. The advantage of such astroller is a large angle of inclination. While walking in such a device, the baby can sit and almost fully lie down, also there is a spacious seat in which the baby in summer clothes and the baby in winter overalls feels comfortably. Thanks to the viewing window, which most of the lying-down models are equipped with, the mother can watch the baby during the walk.
  • With reclining backrest. Designed for children over 6 months. Kids willingly ride in such strollers and actively learn the world around them. The angle of inclination is usually 160 degrees: the child will be able to relax quite comfortably while walking. The ability of the wheels to rotate around the full circumference makes children’s transport maneuverable, providing the possibility of equally successful application of the design on snow-covered winter roads, off-season off-road and summer pavements. It is good for fans of long walks.
  • The stroller with a small angle of inclination of the back is suitable for babies from 9 months. The angle of inclination of the back varies slightly: if the kid gets tired on a walk, he can rest, leaning back a little. A child will not be able to sleep fully in such a device, but for travel stroller fits perfectly. This is the easiest form of recreational children’s transport, having a simple folding mechanism and low weight.Due to the lightness and compactness, the accessory can even be transported on a plane as hand luggage. Its not the best chose for the bad weather: in these models there is no warm canopy for the legs, deep bumps from the wind, not all strollers are equipped with a rain cover.
  • The stroller with a static back is suitable for children from 1 year and is the most affordable option for the price. Features of the children’s accessory – a rigid back, compact design and low weight. It is better to use the device for walks over short distances and mainly along smooth asphalt paths. Such a model is an exclusively summer version of the stroller, unable to withstand the winter winds, snow bumps and ice. It is compact in both disassembled and assembled, you can fold this stroller with just one hand. Due to its low weight, it can be transported in public transport, taken as a carry-on baggage. There are some minusesin this kind of stroller: small wheels and no cushioning, the second moment is a soft back. In many strollers of this type the spine crumbs sagging.

How to choose the right model?

Weight. As a rule, this indicator for strollers varies between 4-6 kg. It is for low weight parents love compact strollers.

Wheels. First, determine their number. Four-wheeled and three-wheeled models are equally well proven on the road, and if you compare these strollers, the three-wheeled will be more maneuverable than the classic versions. The main thing to pay attention to is size, material and shape. Which wheels are better: twin or single? The first option is more stable, the stroller easily overcomes most obstacles, but if you want to choose the lightest strollers, choose single wheels. The maneuverability of the stroller is the result of using floating front wheels. Plus to this indicator diameter: the larger it is, the higher the permeability.  Models with plastic wheels are lighter, but also louder compare to polyurethane wheels.

Folding system. The umbrella stroller can be folded with your hand or with your foot. Which is better to buy  you should decide, based on the conditions of use of the stroller.

Safety system. Belts – the first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing transport for your baby. As a rule, strollers are equipped with 5-point harness that reliably protect the baby from falling out. However, there are also strollers with a three-point security system: these are light strollers with unregulated backrest. Bumper – the second paragraph of this section and an additional device to which you can attach children’s toys. According to some parents, this element of the stroller limits the movement of the toddler. Others consider the crossbar an additional protection for the child from falling out. The third point is the brake – an integral element of a safe baby stroller, designed to stop the stroller during a stop. If the road surface is uneven or there is a strong wind, the stroller may roll, putting the baby’s health and life to a risk.

Optional accessories. For summer it is better to buy a strolers with a minimum of accessories. The main thing in such models – the presence of a handle for carrying, and even better – a complete set of shoulder strap. For the off-season, it is necessary to choose an umbrella stroller complete with the maximum: with a raincoat, which will perfectly fit your model, with a cover for legs, a sun canopy, a bag and a basket for toys.

Now you know what to look for before you buy a lightweight transport for the child. Having determined for yourself the priorities and having compared the strollers, you will choose the best model for your baby.
Walking in the fresh air should certainly take place in a comfortable environment for the baby and mother. Otherwise they will do more harm than good.

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