jogging stroller

Jogging Stroller

For active parents, the birth of a child is not the reason to stop the usual way of life and also jogging . In fact, if you get a high-quality jogging stroller, playing sports with your child is not only possible, but also useful for attracting your baby to an active lifestyle and sports.
Unlike standart strollers, “jogging” models make it easy to play sports at a place convenient for the parent. However, before buying such a stroller you need to get acquainted with its capabilities.

Difference between standart and jogging strollers:

The jogging strollers have three-wheels (more stable), their wheels are big and inflated (like a bicycle), the front wheel is fixed (or it can be fixed), soft shock absorbers, the child’s fastening system is more serious and also hand brake on the handle.

  • Wheels.Thanks to big wheels, the sports carriage is more passable than usual. Strollers with inflatable wheels, similar to bicycle tires, provide greater resistance to impact than plastic strollers. However, as well as bicycle tires, inflatable wheels of a carriage can lower, especially when jogging on the road. However, they are still preferred by parents who love hiking and jogging on footpaths rather than stadiums. To protect yourself, you must always have a tape for tires, which will help in time to eliminate the hole.
  • Front wheel.Before buying, be sure to check whether the front wheel of the jogging stroller turns or remains stationary, as this significantly affects its operation. Long-distance runners, who intend to use their strollers exclusively for training, prefer fixed wheels that go straight, even at high speeds. Swivel wheels, however, are much more convenient when walking and maneuvering on crowded streets, hiking trails, or festivals.
  • Brakes. A key feature of the high-speed long-distance runner’s stroller is the handbrake system, which allows parents to easily control the speed of the stroller and adjust it to their own pace. This is especially useful for jogging in hilly terrain. Without the help of brakes to cope with gravity, runners would have to resort to an unhealthy and unnatural gait when moving downhill to provide a counterbalance to the weight of the stroller.

Of course, you should follow the safety rules: before each run you need to check the condition of the stroller: whether the tires are well inflated (they are recommended to be blown once a month), whether the pistons creak (they are lubricated with bicycle chain lubricant), or the front wheel is locked.

The technique of running with a stroller is slightly different from running a solo: they usually run along the side of the carriage, pushing it with one hand and changing hands while running. On the rise, pushing the stroller with two hands. The height of the stroller (handle) must be matched by the height of the runner. For jogging with a child, it is better to choose not very crowded tracks without curbs: you cannot maneuver between people as cleverly as running alone.

Experienced athletes are advised to explain in advance to the child that your run has some kind of visible goal, for example to run around a football field or run to that tree. In any case, the passenger must understand what is happening and when it will all end. However, in our experience, it is difficult to find a child who would not like to run along with mom, dad or other close people.


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