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Double Stroller

A stroller for twins is an easy and simple way to walk with two babies at the same time. Often, parents buy such stroller for the children with small age difference as well. Modern strollers for twins are thought out to the smallest detail and can be a variety of modifications. Today we will tell you what types of strollers produce and which of them are popular.

How to choose the right type of stroller for your family?

In this part we will consider three basic types of double strollers:

In-line strollers so called the type of stroller, in which the kids are sitting one after another. Depending on the model, the babies are placed on your back or face. Also,the seats are located on the same or different heights. Seats or carrycot can be arranged both in parallel and diversely – one is higher and the other is lower.

Advantages of such sype of stroller:

  • Easy walk along narrow paths.
  • Easy to operate with just one hand.


  • Hard to turn around.
  • The main inconvenience is caused to the baby sitting behind:
    visibility is limited; little legroom; often only one seat is reclined to a full horizontal position;
    when the front seat is in the reclining position, there is very little space left behind.
  • Children can argue over the front seat.


Side-by-side strollers , in this type the children sit next to each other.This type also has its differences depending on the novelty of the model and its manufacturer. So, in the newer models, the back of each pushchair leans independently of the other; not one but two umbrellas are fastened over the pushchairs, there is a solid partition and armrests.


  • The twins have more space and a better overview.
  • Each child have an “own” space.
  • Every child is in the “reach zone” when mom is carrying a stroller.
  • If there is no partition between the seats, you can also place a third child in the middle.
  • Large basket in which you can place things and products.


  • Will not pass through narrow doorways.
  • It is difficult to drive if there is only one child in the stroller (perhaps the second one is naughty and had to be picked up), but usually the latest models are adjusted so that even one child can be carried.

Convertible strollers with alternating carrycots and seats. Often, in such wheelchairs, babies can be seated both side by side or up / down the road.


  • You can put only one ccarrycot or seat, if you need to go somewhere with only one child;
  • You buy only one stroller, which suits you and when the children have grown up or the warm season has arrived.


  • Great weight. Often these strollers are quite heavy and bulky.
  • Grown-up children cannot climb into a stroller by themselves.

The main criteria when buying a stroller for twins are:

  1. Price. The price of the stroller is directly proportional to quality, so it makes sense to buy only an expensive model from the hands. Cheap strollers do not withstand double load and can last only one term and can withstand children no more than 15-20 kg of total weight, then all kinds of breakdowns begin.
  2. Will it fit in your corridor and / or in the trunk of a car?
  3. Stroller weight. How important it is for you – whether you have to carry it up the stairs or mainly it will be downstairs or in garage. Will you lower it yourself or do you have an assistant who will always lower or raise the stroller to you? Do you have an elevator in which the stroller will fit with the children?
  4. Compactness. Is it possible to effortlessly transport it through the doorways you intend to use?
  5. Maneuverability. Will the stroller pass along the planned walk routes?
  6. Type of wheels. Choose based on the weather conditions in which the stroller will be used most of the time.

The alternatives of using double strollers:

  • Two standard strollers. If the second parent or helper walks with mom, you can purchase two regular strollers and manage each one individually.
  • Standard stroller and baby sling/wrap carrier. If a mother has to walk with children alone, it is convenient to place one baby in a sling/wrap carrier, and another to sit in a stroller, but this is still very small children, and even this method has a lot of inconvenience, for example, holding one child in her arms and reassure the other.
  • Carseat and carrycot.

We wish you a good choice!

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